Glass Restoration

Glass Restoration is a process using compounds and a variety of polishing techniques that restore the surface of the glass to near new. Often it is possible to restore glass rather than replacing it, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

Glass restoration can polish out the following:

  • Scratches
  • Mineral build up
  • Hard-water damage
  • Light hazing on glass surface

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Does Your Window Glass Appear Cloudy?

Your windows could be stained and you are not aware of it.

Window Glass is porous and highly susceptible to the elements of corrosion such as hard water, wind, rain and pre-cast run-off. These pollutants and stains affect the clarity of glass.

We can remove scratches, hazing, chemicals or damage from glass using glass restoration techniques.

Hard Water Stains

Window's glass appears to be etched with white "tear drop" shaped deposits. It can also appear as though a substance has been "dripped" down the window's surface.

Hard Water Stain Causes

Hard-water stains occur when rain or tap water travels over the exterior building's surface i.e. (concrete, paint, and stain), and deposits minerals from these surfaces onto the window below. Acid rain, salt spray, sprinkler systems, and rust can also create this "undesirable" condition because they carry and deposit harmful minerals to the glass's surface area.
Restoration is the most cost effective way to keep your windows looking new. Restoration costs about 20% of what it costs to replace a window.

Glass Restoration for Construction Debris

Unfortunately, construction debris is not as easily removed from glass. The debris may include one or more of the following:

  • paint, varnish or texture overspray
  • cement, plaster, stucco, concrete, mortar or grout
  • glue or stickers
  • silicone
  • water proofing materials

If any of these conditions are present, additional methods and tools must be used to address the specific problem.

In addition, the following pre-existing condition may be present:

  • water spots or mineral deposits-due to prolonged exposure to water containing excessive amounts of minerals
  • haze or film-damage due to improper use of chemicals from past cleaning efforts
  • scratches-damage due to past improper glass cleaning techniques, improper use of sandpaper by painters, glass manufacturing methods and/or contractor's handling methods
  • condensation-moisture between double panes of insulated glass
  • 'soft glass'-due to improper manufacturing techniques

Our job is to provide glass cleaning methods that have the best chance of restoring clarity to your windows. We will be happy to discuss the solutions to any of the pre-existing conditions mentioned above.


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