Commercial Window Cleaning

Aaron's Window Cleaning of Maui is equipped & experienced to expertly service any size (and any height) commercial property.  If we can't get to your windows from the ground or a ladder, we will get to them in a variety of other ways as the job demands. From Water-Fed Pole to Lifts & Booms or even Rope Access (rappeling), we will get it done with efficiency and ease.

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Job Safety

We take safety very seriously from the beginning to the end of the job.  Low-rise to high-rise, we use cutting edge safety practices and are fully licensed and insured.  We support and adhere to the ANSI/IWCA I-14 the industry standard for safe window cleaning.

Superb Customer Service

Our technicians are courteous and respectful of their surroundings and your tenants, arriving promptly in uniform. Our goal is not only for you to enjoy the cleanest most sparkling windows but also to be grief-free and to have little disturbance to your day.  We coordinate with building management, owners, realtors and contractors for hassle-free window cleaning services.

State Of The Art Window Cleaning

Deionized Pure Water System

We are proud to offer the Ultra Pure RODI- Reverse Osmosis Deionizing System (Water-fed Pole) generating the absolute purest water (zero TDS) a system can provide for the highest quality, fastest and most environmentally friendly cleaning available.

  • Safe- Clean up to a five story building safely from the ground (no ladder)
  • Fast- Reduce cleaning time up to 75%
  • Effective- Deionized water molecularly attracts organic matter (dirt) to naturally & efficiently clean windows and frames (also solar panels)
  • Windows Stay Cleaner Longer- Using just pure deionized water (no soap), no residue is left for dirt to stick to
  • Environmentally Safe- No chemicals needed, no soap needed; run-off is just pure water and dirt
  • Compact and Portable- Easily moved in and out of vehicles, up and down steps, and across any terrain

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Hotels|Condos|Apartment Buildings|Retirement Homes|Post Construction

  • Complete Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning including Frames and Sills
  • All Facets of Glass Cleaning including Perimeters, Partitions, Railings, Skylights and Atriums
  • Powerwashing Services including Building Exteriors, Walkways and Any Hard Surface Needing A Cleaning
  • Softwashing Services Cleaning Surfaces That Require A Gentle Cleaning
  • Work with Janitorial Contractors when necessary to Provide a Complete Package for Build-outs, Renovations or New Construction
  • Seamless Coordination with General Contractors, Building Owners, or Project Managers

Store Fronts and Restaurants

Windows are the first thing a customer notices as they enter your business.  Market research shows that customers take their business elsewhere if they are unsatisfied with cleanliness, noting 70% are put-off by dirty glass and windows!  Rest assured, we hand-detail your windows including ledges and frames ensuring that first impression is brilliant!

  • National Chains
  • Regional Chains
  • Independant Stores
  • Fine Dining & Casual Restaurants

Keep your business sparkling year-round with a routine maintenance schedule.  Ask about our Frequent Cleaning Discount Program-- automatic hassle-free service at discounted prices!

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Aaron's Window Cleaning has the equipment and the experience with lifts, ladders, water-fed pole and roof access to clean any size multi-story property.

High-rise window cleaning clients have a duty to reduce risk and minimize liability by choosing a window cleaning company that utilizes cutting edge safety practices. Since we are IWCA members, we are knowledgeable about the I-14 ANSI Standard that OSHA recognizes as the handbook on high-rise window cleaning. At Aaron's Window Cleaning, we are committed to providing the best practices. We strive to not only be the best, but to constantly improve our knowledge and provide the safest working environment for our high-rise window cleaning technicians.

Gutter Cleaning

We have the equipment and the experience with lifts, ladders, and roof access to clean gutters for any size property.

(Click Here For More On Our Gutter Cleaning Services)

Types of Business We Service:

Office Buildings
• Condominiums
• Apartment Buildings
• Shopping Centers
• Real Estates
• Banks
• Retail
• Hotels
• Schools
• Government Buildings
• Churches
• Health Care Facilities
• Doctors Clinics
• Hospitals

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